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Do you need help with your files?

Hello everyone! I hope everything is going well with you!

We've received many questions about file submission, so today's post will help you better understand how to send files for us to turn them into the most coveted stamps in Portugal šŸ’Ŗ

Stamps are engraved in rubber, so we cannot reproduce colors or gradients. In other words, we can only reproduce solid images, which means your designs should be sent in one color, preferably in black and white.

Stamp Format

When creating your designs, always consider the format of your stamp and the size of the elements you will use. A design with a round or centered composition looks better on a square stamp, while horizontal text or logos with lettering harmonize better with rectangular stamps.


It's also important to consider the quantity and size of the text to be used. There's no point in putting the entire collection of "The Lord of the rings" on a stamp of 3.5x3.5cm, because even if we could reproduce the letters, they would be so small that they wouldn't be readable šŸ˜‚

Since we're talking about letter size, we can reproduce down to the tiny size of 4pt, but we always recommend 7pt or larger for texts to be readable.

Vector File (PDF/AI)

We always ask for files in vector format. These files can be saved as PDF or Adobe Illustrator (AI). They are files that can be scaled up and down without losing quality.

Image File (JPEG/PNG)

If you don't have vector files, you can also send them as an image, in the good old JPEG or PNG format. To do our work, we'll always have to convert these images into vector format, so it's important that the images have the best possible quality for the conversion to be well done.

If the image does not have the desired quality, we may need to perform manual graphic composition, reconstructing the design. This step may involve additional costs, depending on the complexity.

But you can rest assured that you will always receive a mock-up for approval, and only after your confirmation will we proceed with the production of the stamps!

Exporting in Canva

For those who use Canva, it's important to download your work with the best possible quality. To do this, we suggest exporting the file as a PDF for printing as we show below.

1 - Don't take a screenshot of your work, that's cheating! (Just kidding, it's just because it reduces the quality). Instead, to save, click on the "Share" button.

2 - Then choose the option make download, to download the file.

3 - Choose the option to download as a PDF for print. This will ensure that the PDF maintains the maximum quality of the images and other information, including vector drawings.

4 - Finally, you should choose "Flatten PDF" to automatically expand the fonts and other elements. This way, we'll be able to open your file without errors. Then simply click "Download".

The rest you already know how to do! Place your order on our website and then send us the file by email, in the upload area, or even through the website chat. Once we receive it, we'll associate it with your order and send you a mock-up for approval.

If you have any questions about the quality or sending of files, you know we're always ready to help you at

Thank you for reading! We look forward to receiving those files! šŸ™‚

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