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A star is born! Or rather, a stamp! ⭐

Hello Sim Carimbo family! I hope your year has started well and that you're already putting all those promises you made while swallowing the 12 grapes into action. I know I haven't posted in a while, but the truth is I've been busy behind the scenes, working hard with the Sim Carimbo team to talk to you about some ideas we have for 2024. Today we're only going to talk about one, otherwise we'll run out of content to give you...

You may have noticed that we have a new character decorating the website, a new mascot, our star, "Carimboy"! He's not just another mascot - he's the embodiment of the innovative spirit we want to bring to your stamping experience. This little inventor isn't just here to look pretty on our website; he's about to embark on a journey that will completely change the way you make your stamps! (Stay tuned for updates)

The first sketches of "Carimboy" were drawn on the pages of my notebook (not always the most organized, I admit) back in mid-2023. The idea had been brewing for some time, but it wasn't until our end-of-year meeting that it was proposed to create an element that would make our brand even more fun (yes, even more...) and create more connection with the audience.

From there, I started the year getting my hands dirty, or rather, on the computer, and making the first digital sketches, now that we had decided that Carimboy was really going to happen. After several revisions and comments from the team, we arrived at the final design - a cheerful wooden stamp, with a curious and exploratory look, always searching for new ideas and challenges.

This year promises to be a rollercoaster of creativity. We're brimming with ideas, from the simplest and most fun, to the most challenging. One of these ideas even requires the active participation of all of you! We're planning a collective idea full of innovation and surprises. Who's ready to embark on this journey? Do we have volunteers? Let them speak up in the comments!

In the meantime, I hope your year has started well and continues that way, with health, peace, and work. A big hug to everyone and thank you for being there!

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