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Mark the difference!

Grow your brand at your own pace. By creating your own stamp, you can customize your packaging, offering a unique experience to your customers.


We want to meet all those looking for more sustainable and creative personalization solutions, inviting them to share our mission. We too want to grow and leave a positive mark on the world, whether through our friends, customers, suppliers or the environment itself.

Who are we?

We are a locally based, family project dedicated to providing personalization solutions to our clients.

We have been here since 2018, born in the city of Ílhavo where we first developed our business idea. We quickly realized that we could respond to all customers who want to print their packaging supports (and not only that!) in low quantities, at reduced costs and with quality, but who do not want to resort to other printing solutions.


In this way, we officially created the “yes” stamps, made from highly resistant and durable rubber. Applied to our handcrafted supports, made of wooden pieces, we are able to produce in various dimensions to customize packages of any size.

Our commitment

We are committed to the search for increasingly sustainable solutions for our products, which make them efficient, long-lasting, factors of local empowerment and bearers of a reduced environmental impact, to serve our customers in the best possible way.

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