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Graphic composition? What's that?

Good afternoon Sim Carimbo family! How are you all doing? Did you miss me? Today, we're going to dive deeper into the world of graphic composition.

We know that many of you often find yourselves without the original files. Sometimes, you only have access to photographs or printed materials. Unfortunately, these materials are not suitable for stamp reproduction. But don't worry! We're here to help with our graphic composition service.

But what exactly is graphic composition?

Basically, it's a drawing service where we take your photographs, redraw them, and adjust the text as necessary. This service is a true "cut and sew" job that can hardly be done by those who don't have access to graphic design programs and need professional help.

You might be wondering, "But why can't you just use the photographs directly?"

Well, the answer is simple. Stamps are engraved only with lines and spots, which means that a complex image with many colors, gradients, and photographic details wouldn't work properly.

Logo -> Direct Conversion: Since the logo has many colors and little contrast, many details of the design are lost.

When this happens, we then resort to graphic composition, where we transform images and texts into formats suitable for stamping. This process involves the use of advanced image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, to perform various technical steps.

Firstly, we start by analyzing the quality and resolution of the provided photographs or materials. Then, we use image manipulation techniques, such as contrast, brightness, and saturation adjustments, to enhance the important details and ensure that the image is reproduced clearly on the stamp.

Additionally, it is common for us to apply vectorization techniques to convert graphic elements into vector lines, ensuring precise and sharp reproduction regardless of the stamp size. This step involves creating curves and outlines that define the shapes of the image, making it scalable without loss of quality.

When it comes to text, it is essential to choose suitable fonts that are legible even in small sizes. Furthermore, we adjust the spacing between letters and words to ensure clear and cohesive reading.

In the end, the differences are clear! 🙂

Direct Conversion -> Graphic Composition

Although it's a task that requires time and dedication, it's extremely rewarding for us to see the final results of our graphic compositions. We love turning your ideas into reality and seeing how our custom stamps make a difference in your daily life!

We're here to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for you. If you need help with the graphic composition of any design for your stamp, don't hesitate to contact us. We're excited to collaborate with you and create something truly unique and special!

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